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What's New?

Feb 28, 2017

Top Tank 1.1.5 is live, with fixes for a few pesky little bugs, including fire button problems on iPhone 6+ and 7+ devices. Meanwhile, follow Fun Fetched on Twitter for the very latest on what I'm up to!

The Games

Experience explosive retro arcade action tailored exclusively for the 21st century touch screen! Jump in to your heavily-armored war machine and face off against an army of foes from both land and air. Navigate rolling terrain and lob projectiles at oncoming threats with nothing more than the simple touch of a finger. Do you have what it takes to be TOP TANK?

"Top Tank feels incredibly fresh ... it’s one of my most satisfying 99 cent downloads I’ve made this year..."
- GameMob

"Easy to play yet challenging to master, "Top Tank" is sure to keep you coming back for more."
- iFanzine


  • One-touch control - Hold to aim, release to fire
  • Six un-lockable tanks, each with their own special perk
  • Collect and deploy devastating power-ups
  • Thirteen achievements to unlock
  • Seven locales, each featuring unique graphics and original soundtrack
  • Battle your friends for high score supremacy on Game Center
  • Track your progress through lifetime stats

  • About

    Hi! I'm Josh Langley, founder of Fun Fetched. In early 2013 I left PopCap Games, which had been my home since 2001. After almost 12 years, I felt it was time to stretch my legs a bit and try something new. I figured that abandoning the safety net of a regular paycheck and diving head-first in to the turbulent, shark-infested waters of self-employment would do the trick, so here I am.

    Games have been my hobby and my livelihood for a long time, and I can't think of anything I'd rather do with my time than create new and entertaining ways of wasting yours. Enjoy!


    If you have questions or comments, fire off an e-mail to: