Fun Fetched
Based in Seattle, Washington

Founding date:
February, 2014


Press / Business Contact:
[email protected]


Top Tank


Fun Fetched is Josh Langley, an industry veteran and now independent game developer based in Seattle, Washington.


The Past

It all started in 1987 with a Tandy Color Computer 3, a book on programming in BASIC, and a passion for all aspects of game development from design, programming, graphics, music, and beyond. Fourteen years later, after mopping floors, an unfortunate encounter with the fast food industry, a number of years as a draftsman, a short experience with web development ending in a Silicon Valley buyout, and working for a startup doomed by a bursting .com bubble, Josh landed at PopCap Games. He remained with them for twelve years, and was involved in the shipping of over a dozen titles, including Bejeweled.

The Present

Fun Fetched was founded with the goal of bringing pure, fun, and unadulterated gaming experiences to everyone. In an industry where games are increasingly treated as science projects and players as lab rats, Josh looks at game development as an art form and has the audacity to believe that there are still plenty of people out there who feel the same way. This rosey outlook will likely last as long as the food and shelter does.



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Awards & Recognition

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    Josh Langley
    Founder, Designer, Programmer, Artist, "Musician", Webmaster, Doer of All Things

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